Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random Fav's

After a small blogging break I am back and have made myself a promise to keep up much better with my blog So I thought I would come back with sharing some random but oh so favorite things.Hope you enjoy.. 

 Pretty sunsets.. put a huge smile on my face. 
 Recently I re organized some of my jewelry I got creative and this was my result for my bracelets. 
 Cargo's better then waterproof mascara is amazing It is my hands down fav water proof mascara now. 
 Rimmel London's match perfect concealer works wonders on my dark circles and imperfections on my face   
  Elf's blush and bronzed the perfect blush and bronzer for on the go perfect for any make up bag or purse.
 Purple nails with some green glow in the dark sparkles or purple sparkles have been the usual nail color recetly I think I am in love 


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feather Frenzy!!!!!

The first time I had seen some one wearing feather earrings I kinda laughed to myself and swore it was something that I would never wear. WRONG!! I have to say that feathers are my latest obsession! I am obsessed!! Anytime I go in to a store now I head straight for the jewelry and look for some new feathers!!! 

To see all of my newest fav's check out my video on all of my accessories fav's!!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Fav Foundation Winner :)

So first off let me apologize for the lack off post I will try my best to keep this up to date. So on to the good stuff.
Lets talk about this most amazing foundation I am in love with. Are you ready to see what it is are you sure Drum roll please ..
Revlon Photo Ready foundation. First of lets start of with the packaging which I find amazing & it has a pump don't you hate when you find the perfect foundation yet it has no pump. Well have no fear with this baby cause the pump is amazing. The color selection is great as well there was a great range of colors. Another thing that I love is how easy it is to get your hands on this baby head out to any local drug store, Target of even where a picked mine up at a grocery store.
I have prob tried about 25 foundations in the last few months trying to find my perfect color and I had always either found they made me look grey or orange and that is def not what I was going for. I was kinda sceptical of trying this baby because it is a bit pricey for a drug store foundation, I will tell you though it was totally worth it. The color for my complexion is amazing. The consistency is great not to liquidy. The application is easy as well. The lasting power is pretty much a great seller I live in hot humid Florida & with no primer it last all day for the most part.
So I would def recommend trying this if you have not already! I have heard it is comparable to the Make Up Forever HD foundation I have not tried that minus trying to match my color so I can not say if they are or not but if you have used both let me know.


Monday, July 4, 2011


"Fashions fade, style is eternal"

Hope ya'll have had an awesome and safe forth of July.


Monday, June 27, 2011


Who doesnt love zebra and Pink??  So I have been super inspired to do some fun stuff with my nails lately. So I picked up some awesome zebra nail polish stickers from of all place Rue 21,
I also use a Pure Ice nail color ( I had a couple pinks to choose from and I let my hubby pich which he liked best and picked this on.)The color name is splash. This is what is looks like I used the zebra as just and accent and I love this look!
I hope you all enjoyed this and all try out adding a little zebra to your look!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NOTD #1 :)

NOTD:: Essie's Sand Tropez

Hey ya'll so here is my very first notd, usually I just have white tip acrylics but since my nails were getting super damaged it is time to let them breath. Also put to use the many nail polishes I own. This is one of my fav's it is Sand Tropez by Essie.To me it is just the most perfect summer color.Probaly because it is a sand color and it makes me think of the beach!!

Although I feel like you need to add about two coates to make it look good. This is still an amazing color and polish. I have to say that Essie is becoming one of my fav brands of Nail polish!!
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

OOTD:Black & White

Here is to trying out OOTD here on the blog instead of a video version let me know which you all like better!!

Today was Father's day and it was mega hot out as usual here in June so I kept it cute & Simple. We had a pretty nice day me, my hubby and kids went out this afternoon for some yummy subs and then a nice Sunday afternoon drive which we love doing, We stop by a park we past by that was a memorial for fallen soldiers, it was super nice while we were there we snapped some photo's! Afterwards we headed to my parents house to spend time with my daddy and have dinner!! Hope you all had a great father's day as well!!

Black and while off the shoulder tank from Wetseal
White shorts from American Eagle 
Sandals from Target
Sunglasses from Walmart

((Libby was being bashful and wouldn't look even though she had to have her picture taken.))

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get yourself some sweet bliss!!!! (

Check out this amazing website!!www. They have the most amazing jewelry as well as hair extensions.I was sent this small black bat necklace it retails at $3.00 plus shipping and handling. I love all of there pieces and can't wait to purchases some items. The necklace was on a standard 24inch ball chain I shortened mine because it was a little to long for me, that was what I really liked about the chain I was easily able to make it the length I liked.

Now this site has the most incredible costumer service they are so nice and very easy to work with. The shipping was pretty fast about a week and half . The packaging came really nice as well. All items are hand crafted and made with acrylic.
I would definitely suggest that you go and check this site out.  They have over 50 different styles and 16 different colors. I am loving the Hello Kitty necklaces what is your favorites???

Don't forget to check out my review on YouTube also!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Fav's!

So June is here and that means only one this time for my May fav. Check out my video on youtube

So here are some the products check out the video for all of them::
1. Organix Brazilian keratin therephy Shampoo and Conditioner

Hard Candy Bluch in Honeymoon.

Elf Translucent Matifying Powder

Elf eyelash curler
Elf eyebrow kit

Hope you all check out these awesome products!!

Thanks for reading & don't forget to check out the full video on youtube!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Get your "Instant" tan on!!!!

Its almost summer time so grab your bikini and towel and head to the beach or pool. Winter have you looking paste and pale ?? Have no fear grab yourself some Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance cream lotion self tanner, and you will be looking sun kissed and gorgeous.
Don't want to look like an orange, no problem with my experience this tanner gives a perfect natural tan look. I have tried so many instant tanners or gradual tanners that either do nothing or make me look like a giant Orange! So my hunt for the perfect tanner lead me to this Hawaiian Tropics one.The instructions say to be sure to allow it to dry before dressing and I agree, I waited about 5-10m min. It takes about 12 hours to work so I suggest applying before bed and you will wake up looking as if you had been sleeping under the sun!
On a rating scale I would give this product a 9. I just wish it was instant. It gives a great all over color and you don't come up streaky or orange at all. I had this product in the medium to dark color. It also came in a medium color.

This product is amust have for summer & all year long and I would totally reccomand it to everyone!!

also like them on facebook, there is a coupon on there facebook you can print off.

 FTC::: I bought this product with mt own money, I was not given it nor did the company pay me or influance me in anyway.